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About Us


David Levy is the founding artist of Hardwood Creations. He has been designing, developing and making wood products since 1977, when he was a student studying design at the University of California at Davis.


John ("Rick") DeVeer, who has a background in construction and interior design, began working with David in the early 1980s, and has worked with him ever since.


David's sister, Carolyn, has worked with David since the late 1970s, when she, too, was a student at the University of California at Davis, studying engineering.


The art work is made with solid pieces of domestic and exotic hardwood, some with unusual and stunning colors, to create beautiful and functional art with superior construction, artistic design and unusual flair. Some of the most recent art, including the puzzle table with complementary Reuleaux table and the puzzle trivet set with complementary bowl, are designed to bring out the artistry and creativity in the patron as well. The unique design allows the patron to reconfigure the table or trivet pieces at home according to the patron's own imagination and sense of design. The goal of all of the work is to create art that can be seen, touched and enjoyed in everyday life.